A year ago, I had my picture taken with Freddie Prinze Jr. and I was holding one of his cookies.


I mean…does it get much better?!

Continuing education is important. No matter what your industry is.

As a part of my self-development, I attend conferences.
Last year, I attended Type A Parent East at Disney World.
And yes, it was awesome.

And because of my investment to attend. I had the opportunity to learn about Freddie Prinze Jr.’s new (at the time) cookbook, Back to the Kitchen: 75 Delicious, Real Recipes (& True Stories) from a Food-Obsessed Actor.

Am I A Freddie Prinze Jr. Fan Girl?

So, I wouldn’t consider myself a fan girl, per se

But good god, the man does have an intoxicating smile.

As we (attendees at the conference) lined up and waited to enter “the room where Freddie himself would be,” we couldn’t help but talk about our favorite movies.

A lot of people remember him from Scooby Do – when he was sportin’ that blond hair, and, of course, acting beside his wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The two movies that come to mind for me are She’s All That and Down to You.

Why are those two the ones that stick in my mind?! Who knows. It was right around high school graduation and my first year in college…so, there could be something said about the state of my hopeless romantic-ness.

I was, of course, interested in the event as a foodie. And, attendees were provided with a FREE cookbook…so YAY!! And…they were passing out cookies as we found our seats…

Yes, this was definitely the right place for me.

Come to find out, the cookies were made from a recipe that Freddie developed with his daughter.


And that was pretty much the start of a delightful…hour? 5 minutes? I can’t really tell you how long the cooking showcase was, but it was a delight from start to finish.

Freddie was just plain fun to watch and listen to – full of stories and laughter, and heartfelt mushy family-focused awesomeness.

So, What Have You Been Cookin’?

Funny you should ask…

I returned home from Type A Parent East with THE BEST intentions to start cooking. I had spent time flipping though the cookbook and noting which items I wanted to jump on when I got back to my kitchen.

But then, LIFE.

(Which, you’ll note, is a 4 letter word.)

So, it’s been on the shelf. Waiting for me.
And it will wait no longer…

On page 34, there’s a recipe for HOLY $#!% PULLED PORK – and a delightful story about how Michelle cursed in front of their daughter.

It’s nice to know that the stars are humans too.

There’s a pork tenderloin in my fridge.

I may not have the New Mexico red chili he recommends on hand, but I have everything else. The weekend is coming up – and I’m ready to get some yummy-goodness goin’ on in the kitchen.

And I might splurge on a movie night as well!

Here’s what is probably my favorite scene from Down to You.

“A little soul is necessary in life.”

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