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Eel (Unagi)

I am one of those people…let me go ahead and confess that: one of those people who had a bad experience with sushi, which has now put me off a bit. I had come to a place in life where I was going to tackle sushi as a good type, and I did a really good job wading into the waters of experimentation and trial/error. But, then, there was this one time. It could have been the prepackaged sushi. It could have been the fact that I mixed it with German wine; with too much wine. Let’s just say that my friend’s apartment probably never smelled the same ever again….I was mortified and completely closed to the idea of sushi…for a very long time. Just smelling it turned my belly to dark, ugly places. But, I am also one of those “if you fall off the horse, just get back on” kind of people (for most things; timing is always relative). So, I put myself in sushi-encountering moments. I had to get over smelling it first. Then, I would take bites and eat them slowly…carefully; just one slice of a roll. I did that for a long, long time. And then recently, I tried Nigiri sushi. And LOVED it! Its simplicity appeals to my still-nervous belly. My good friend, holding my hand and helping me wade back into the...

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As Simple As Whipped Cream

And sometimes, instead of enjoying the yummy-goodness myself, I hear of instances where others have enjoyed themselves thoroughly; and I can image having joined in the taste bud celebration. In this instance, it was as simple as hot chocolate from IHOP topped with whipped cream. And, who doesn’t like whipped cream?! (Okay, I know that there are some of you out there and for whatever reason, you aren’t fans of the aerated creamy delicacy. I may not agree, but I can respect your position; and, if you aren’t going to eat it, can I have your dollop?) —- “Can I please have a hot chocolate?” The conscientious waitress, knowing that there are some people who don’t like whipped cream, asked, “Would you like whipped cream?” “Yes, please!” They shared a moment; a brief moment of intense eye contact. Secrets and dedication levels (to the secret society of serious whipped cream lovers) were exchanged. The waitress offered a barely perceptible nod and responded with a polite (as if nothing happened, no tryst was shared), “Yes, ma’am.” —- It was clear when she returned with the order that the subtext had been clearly understood....

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considering subtext translators

I was having a frazzled moment. The business meeting that was suppose to start at 1pm was delayed, because a customer had come in at the last minute and two members of the team were urgently trying to prep the order for a pickup. Not even the invoice was ready, so I had to help them confirm that information as well. I had been tasked to work on organizing the business flow by the Owner, and I was glad that a new Work Order / Invoice system was coming down the pipeline in the near future. It occurred to me that the issue I was helping them work through at the moment was just the type of thing that I was hired to nip in the bud. It’s a small team, so two members made up half the crew; the third member was just plain late and had texted me a couple minutes after one to let me know what he was on his way. I couldn’t meet with just the Office Manager, that was pointless and a waste of breath. Part of my irritation was that we were behind on implementing changes, and I felt super responsible, not only to prove myself to the Owner and provide results towards success, but also to take care of these people who hadn’t had the opportunity to be supported by a...

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Mountain Zen

I had the lovely opportunity to experience mountain-zen this weekend. I was expecting the fresh air. I was expecting the sweet-mountain water smell. I was hoping for a clear sky full of dazzling stars. I knew that I would find a lot of quiet time to reflect; and to write. I knew that the greenness of the nature around me would seep into my soul and encourage self-growth. What completely took me off guard was the laden apple tree in the front yard just off the deck. I didn’t realize that such a wealth of nature’s goodness would be right there saying: grab and eat. Hmmm… And, so, I went apple picking this weekend. Completely unexpected and absolutely delightful. Among the 3 of us, we picked enough to fill 4 bags full and the tree is still full of apples…that may be ready in a week or two for more picking. The apples are tart and crisp. Perfect for baking. I’ve already started. I couldn’t help myself. I had nature’s treasure in my kitchen and it called to me for engagement and discovery. I learned how to make applesauce tonight; and then manipulated a muffin recipe in order to make use of the applesauce. Wow. I am awed and grateful for this experience....

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Pan Fried Peaches

It was my sincerest intention to grill these lovely Southern Peaches. They were the perfect (I mean perfect) state of ripeness: round, plump, firm with a hint of give. I did what I’ve seen them do on the Food Network” cut them in half, pull out the pit and drizzle them in a bit of olive oil. They were ready along side of the deep red steaks to meet the heat of the grill. And then, disaster…no gas in the tank. Bummer. And so, these peaches were pan-fried, you could also say sautéed. I kept them on a pretty high heat in order to get the caramelization effect on the open-face of the peach. I might should have placed a lid on the pan for the last min or two, so that they could have been properly heated all the way through. Instead, they were hot and crispy on the front side and a bit normal…maybe fresh-of-the-tree on the closed end. Not bad. Went perfect with the steaks....

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2019 Love Letters

I started writing love letters in 2010. I don’t see any reason to stop.  But I did get a late start in 2019. Stay tuned for the latest batch of love letters. Until then…