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New Zen

She looked at me and asked, “Where are you going?” In 10 million-bazillion directions, I thought. I follow each path and possibility that presents even the hint of adventure; and I love it. I love leading an interesting life. I love learning and putting myself in the position to be exposed to new opportunities to grow beyond my norm. If a path is blocked or turns out to be a dead end, I usually find another, with no problem, to journey along. I travel many paths at once radiating outwardly the positive energy I find. Sometimes a path is so lovely and the adventure upon it so sweet, that I am sad when it comes to an end – whatever the reason may be. And, I mourn. In the past, my mourning consumed me. Adventures stopped abruptly on all paths in order to fixate on the path that had closed, the experience that had been taken away. I’ve since learned that very few paths deserve the honor of the mourning-act; instead I thank the path for the inspiration and the time shared and move along. I reserve the rite to mourn for a select few. I’ve also learned to continue to explore the other paths even as I mourn the one that I miss. Otherwise, I miss life. And life is too short to miss. “Can you not adventure...

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Meet Fatayas. Seasoned beef encased in a flaky pastry shell with caramelized onions in a special sauce drizzled on top. You can order these delectable takes on the traditional meat pocket (think about it, just about every culture has their own version) at Mawa’s Taste of Africa in Morrisville, NC. I enjoy Mawa’s for both the choice and quality of African cuisine, as well as the very pleasant service and attention from the staff. They are always willing to take a newcomer and walk them through the menu to try and suit tastes; it happened on my first time at the restaurant, and I saw it happen again tonight when the waitress offered suggestions to my friend regarding which Chicken-based dinner she should try. Although the flavors can sometimes challenge my pallet, I’ve never had anything at Mawa’s that I didn’t like. If you are adventurous and close to Morrisville, get there and eat well! Order the fatayas – you will not be...

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Sunset in Virginia

I try to bravely face the end of life-chapters as they come. I’m not always great at it, but I am at least aware that a “grin and bear it” attitude will carry me through it easier than kicking and screaming at each modulation of the change. The end of something can often cause sadness, even fear, to well up within me; and I’m challenged to make a direct choice on how I will move beyond it. There have been a handful of chapter-ends in my life this year; some that I anticipated with hopeful expectation and some that I only-just survived. I appreciate the opportunity to be challenged, to be forced to accept an end. However graceful (or not) I chose to live through them, ends come. It’s inevitable. An unchanging fact about how change impacts us. Ends are a poignant experience within a complete circle-cycle, because they end with a start: start, middle, end…start again. That is what I think is the most compelling reason to bear through the particularly difficult ends, the ones that scare me the most or make me cry – it’s the knowing that a start will begin. There’s often no telling what the start will be (or what part of life it will affect); and it is interesting to note that how we handle the end can impact our new start….for good...

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The Story Behind Yummy-Goodness

“Oh, dear god, she’s pulled out the camera again. Nobody pick-up their forks. Jenny’s taking pictures of the food again.” I chuckled. The collective groans around the table were offered up with a genuine sense of fondness, despite the also-present sense of exasperation. “Oh, stop. It’s so pretty! You know I’ve got to take a picture of such beautiful artwork. Artwork that we’ve created, mind you. Hmmm…artwork that we’re about to eat! Yum!” My response was full of delight, as usual. And in this particular case, full of anticipation of the delicious meal I was about to consume. At this point, I had been letting comments and attitudes like these roll off my back for some time. Food is beautiful. Making food is a pleasure. Sharing food is its own love language. My friend Laura, a Marketing Guru, looked up at me and said, “You should really start a food blog.” I was flabbergasted. “Um, surely you are aware of how many other food blogs there are out there, right?! I mean, I don’t have to tell you about the kind of competition I would have to overcome to get any notice at all.” I was really having a hard time with her idea. She jumped on my “hard time” attitude and showed it who was boss, “You have such a great perspective. To you, it’s not just about...

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About Me: Jen Busfield

Mom (son with High Functioning Autism). Small Biz Owner. Author. Traveler. Blogger. Adventurer. Lover. Foodie. Geek. Picture taker. Silly dancer. Music lover. Latina.

2019 Love Letters

I started writing love letters in 2010. I don’t see any reason to stop.  But I did get a late start in 2019. Stay tuned for the latest batch of love letters. Until then…