Author: Jen Busfield

The Shadows of Clouds

“Hope y’all have a blessed day,” he called out to me while walking by… IN MY HEAD – WITH SASS Thank you, Mr. Messenger of God. Walking with Jesus-joy in your step…and what looks like a Bible in the crook of your arm. I’m over here trying to make peace. Let go of anger. Remember that “the joy of the Lord is my strength.” I got up early to find the Source as he’s known to be found within the orange lining that shines brightly around clouds at sunrise. And where better to find him and give him a piece of...

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Reflections – Year 37 Day 234

Ah, nothing like Facebook Memories to shove the past in your face. 6 years ago, I got some bling. And 6 years ago, I was delighted…even though it wasn’t my favorite. I mean, it was immediately not my favorite as soon as I opened it. Heart-shaped jewelry isn’t my jam. Don’t know why. I get it that it would seem like a no-brainer. I write love letters. I’m all about the light+love. I’m likely to sign my name with a heart, whether we’re close or not… And yet, heart-shaped jewelry kinda makes me want to throw up a little...

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Give Me All the Hummus | Lunch at Neomonde Mediterranean Raleigh

500 pounds of hummus. Just think about how much glorious deliciousness that is… They make it. On the daily. And that’s where my friend suggested we meet up for lunch. Yea. He gets mad points for that… (I mean…if I kept up with such things as brownie points.) Love having the opportunity and flexibility as a business owner to visit with friends and evaluate new establishments. This lunch meeting was a little bit of business and pleasure mixed together. And, he owed me a beer. It was time to collect… Had not seen his face in forever. Forever, in...

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2018 Love Letters: Ten

In characters of living light,  Of kindly deeds and actions wrought.  And these, beyond the touch of time,  Shall live immortal as my thought.* — Somehow, you’ve pegged me well. And I am on this side of it wondering, did we talk that much before? I don’t really remember offering that much of a view to my insides… But, I do know you to be…brilliant. So smart. You know things. And maybe, I should just trust the fact that you know me too. — You take pictures of things that make you happy. Yes. Exactly. Why couldn’t I find...

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Plethora of Prayers | August 22, 2018

And in the knowing, there’s peace… — Today is starting on a completely different level. In my mind, things are so different. Help me know. And help me make peace. — Today, I want to do better owning my life. In my mind, sometimes, I feel trapped and unable to succeed. Help me see beyond the bars; help me know – there are no bars. — Today, I’ll open another opportunity to change my life completely. In my mind, well…I’m of two minds on this. Help me love as I should without losing my heart to a shallow moment....

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About Me: Jen Busfield

Mom (son with High Functioning Autism). Small Biz Owner. Author. Traveler. Blogger. Adventurer. Lover. Foodie. Geek. Picture taker. Silly dancer. Music lover. Latina.

2019 Love Letters

I started writing love letters in 2010. I don’t see any reason to stop.  But I did get a late start in 2019. Stay tuned for the latest batch of love letters. Until then…