Author: Jen Busfield

2017 Love Letters: Twenty-Five

I’m addicted to the growth I see in your eyes. The shine of dogged determination to improve. The warmth of love… At once, they’re young, shining as you share some secret delight with me; and just as quickly, they’re old, showing the wisdom earned with pain and sorrow. I want to swim in their color. Just be submersed by their hope of tomorrow. — I count every freckle on your neck, on your face – and wonder…how many haven’t I gotten the chance to see…yet. Spots of milk and dark chocolate I want to lick up, over and over...

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Taking Time for the Girls in Colorado

I was in unfamiliar territory with time on my hands. But, somehow, any major shopping center filled with names you know makes you feel at home. Wait…did that sign just say SALE on BRAS?! So, let me set the scene… Just off the plane in Denver, Colorado. And just finished with a great chat from my newest Denver-based connection, the manager of the local DriveShop office, who recommended I check out a restaurant at the Northfield shopping center. DriveShop is an engagement marketing agency focused on new vehicles. I was connected to the DriveShop manager through a product communications...

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Six Years and Counting

Oh, LinkedIn… And to think, some people still don’t leverage you for professional development. A little background for new readers – and those who may not be aware of my history… Plethora Content was officially formed in January 2017. Before that, it was jab’s plethora…there was an evolution of sorts (that I won’t get into here). I didn’t start my own company to be service oriented. I just wanted to purchase ISBN’s and have them linked to an official entity. It was after I published my second book in the the midst of setting up book tours at local...

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Availability vs. Creating Opportunities – Definition Provides a Forward Path

The Universe gives us what we need. I believe this with every fiber within me. And, when I forget, I remind myself… Or, the Universe will give me the kick in the pants I need to remember. Look, don’t get your feathers all ruffled because you’re a person of faith and would prefer that I refer to the Universe as God…or some other formal, faith-based name. You know what I mean. And, if you’re too bothered to read on, then by all means, please stop. Either come back when your mind is free of the distraction, or don’t come...

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Each Fire Whispers Its Own Secrets

Not yet. Ultimately, that’s what this fire whispered to me. Not yet. By, god. When?! I’m not trying to be unpatient. Darn it, impatient… Not yet… Ack! If you haven’t figured this out already, I’m a bit of a mixed bag. (Yes, you can laugh. I won’t take offense.) Realist. Romantic. Cynic. Full of star-stuff and superstitions. Walking a path of light+love, as much as I am able. As much as possible. As much as I can listen to the wisdom and discernment that grows within me, and that I can harness the courage to act on. That’s why...

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About Me: Jen Busfield

Passionate Mom (son with Autism). Author. Traveler. Blogger. Adventurer. Lover. Foodie. Geek. Picture taker. Silly dancer. Music lover. Latina.

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