Author: Jen Busfield

2017 Love Letters: Seventeen

It’s hard to think of you gone – Without a chance to say goodbye. You’re gone. No more nosing around where you shouldn’t. No more pushing me off my feet – Against the wall, to the ground. Between my legs. Underfoot. Gone. All raging passion and intense curiosity. All heart and...

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2017 Love Letters: Sixteen

I love the way you don’t let delay hold you back. You move forward. Try again. Try harder – try different. Keep trying and growing and making things possible. Not just thing – people. You make people possible; Because of your love for God, because of your love for...

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2017 Love Letters: Fifteen

Trusting that God will meet me; That He’ll help me: strategize, prioritize, manage, succeed. I’ve got so many ideas – So many lessons to put into action. I’m so tired. I’m hoping for renewal, release – and rejuvenation. And focus. Deadly aim for the goals I hold in my heart. The capacity to hold – More love, More wisdom, More discernment; And act appropriately on them. More...

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2017 Love Letters: Thirteen

I can’t write about you. I only want to say good things – But what comes to mind is a myriad Of reasons why you’re lacking; Why I’m lacking with you; Why we’re lacking together. Being apart gives us time to grow, To develop – to survive; and maybe – THRIVE. But none of this leads to resolution… Always a meandering path, away from an END; Always seen as an end, Instead of the beginning it COULD BE. The avoidance of finality exhausts me. And in my fatigue, I look for the good, The positive – whatever could be...

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About Me: Jen Busfield

Passionate Mom (son with Autism). Author. Traveler. Blogger. Adventurer. Lover. Foodie. Geek. Picture taker. Silly dancer. Music lover. Latina.

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