Author: Jen Busfield

Don’t Miss Out on the Dresscapades

I did try to manufacture a dresscapade for the red dress. I promise you I did… Fresh from an enthusiastic hug after a long catch-up session, I looked at him and said, “I have this red dress that I really want to take out for a date night. I know you have unbelievably sexy clothes to match. Let’s go out for a night on the town.” He was down. And man….he would have been a tasty little bit of arm candy…so handsome – but we’re both incredibly busy, driven individuals and haven’t had – or made – the time...

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Intermittent Fasting Week 69 | An Open Letter to Myself

I told him this evening, “It’s surreal at this point.” I mean…as an adult, I’ve never weighed this little. I mean, it’s still a lot (read: my dot on the health chart will probably still not make my doctor happy), but in my world, it’s a whole lot less than I have weighed pretty much my entire adulthood. So, I’m celebrating the achievement for sure, but also reflecting on the weirdness of being here…at this point…now. And while I answer questions that come in from friends and connections about my progress, I wonder — If I could write myself...

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Phoenix Fase

He opened the conversation by trying to explain that he was on verge of change… He could feel it; he was on the edge, the precipice. Life was going to change, evolve…and he would be the better for it, more centered on his path, his purpose. He was struggling to find the words, and I really did want to let him talk it out, but I KNEW EXACTLY what he was trying to say. I looked at him – with delight, with kinship – and said, “You’re talking about a Phoenix Fase.” Bare with me here… (And yes, I...

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Thankful for My Business Community

It’s been a week. To be honest…it’s been a couple of weeks – a few hard-won weeks. There’s been an incredible amount of balance required in order to get tasks done. You know what I mean. Some weeks just seem more challenging than others… And while I just recently celebrated my 6 year anniversary of owning my own business(es), I’m still learning what it means to stay organized, keep balanced, hustle hard and align appropriately. And, I’ve had more reasons to be thankful for my business community than ever! For those of you not familiar with my story –...

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Pork Rinds and Homemade Seared Pepper Hummus

I don’t exactly remember when I decided to master making hummus, but I do remember the feeling when I realized how EASY it was to make – and how I should always have hummus in the house. Since then, I’ve gotten creative with the ingredients… This hummus was made with peppers grown from seeds provided by the Hey Let’s Grow blogging program sponsored by Monsanto Company. This variety is called “Tricked Ya.” They look just like jalapenos, but don’t carry the same heat. Hardy little buggers, these peppers have a great flavor – and I’ve found – a decent...

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About Me: Jen Busfield

Passionate Mom (son with Autism). Author. Traveler. Blogger. Adventurer. Lover. Foodie. Geek. Picture taker. Silly dancer. Music lover. Latina.

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