Author: Jen Busfield

Keeping It Spicy at The Blend & co.

Love meeting friends at The Blend & co., one of the awesome spots for great beverage and tasty-nibbles in downtown Burlington. This morning was no exception. Not a sponsored post. Consider this blog a PSA. Because, if you like a little heat in your life, you should know about a couple of things available on their menu. Pictured above is the Killer Bee latte, a delightful mix of espresso, milk (of course) and then honey, cinnamon and cayenne pepper (in my cup – which, by the way, you get a discount when you bring your own cup). I learned...

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Delivery Before the Storm

We all deal with hurricane prep in our own way. (At the time this is being written, North Carolina is expecting Florence to hit hard in the next few days.) For this little home office, getting a much needed ink delivery BEFORE the storm hits was a huge win. Sure, the power may go out. (I have a generator for the important things.) But, if it doesn’t, as my local world hunkers down to ride out the storm, I can happily work on reports and back-of-the-house tasks, that include a lot of printing… I’m working on an epic accounting...

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Plethora of Prayers | September 11, 2018

I can feel it creeping in…the paranoia, a dark-cloudy hysteria. And I’m fighting it back for all I’m worth… Like the pain that creeps into my joints when the storms roll in, I feel the fear seeping into my mindspace. And I really, really… – am fighting for peace. Peace. A word that I can’t help but think is more of a verb than a noun. Life’s storms have a way of helping us reframe, reset; force us to see our existence from a new perspective. What really matters? If everything gets wiped out, what still stands? How do...

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Boy Chin Has An Expiration Date

I told him…this friend of mine who isn’t a parent yet, but has seen me raise the one I’ve got for the last 7 years or so… It’s weird to feel your heart shine with pride over growth and break with the knowledge of time-passed, all at the same time. — Right? (Talking to my fellow parents here.) It’s massive to think about all the moments that pass, the moments you can never get back. — The kid calls to me from the bathroom… “Mom, I think I’m growing a beard too!” We’ve all (talking about the family here)...

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When the Human Meal Preps

Human, this is the sleep of the much contented. No matter how much you fussed on the other side of it, I do not regret my opportunity to snatch prepared chicken from off the counter and dig in. My only regret is that you caught me before I could finish. Really, before I could get a decent start. No matter. I am at peace. See me, Human, and know deep within your bones, I have no remorse. I am pleased. (Did you see how I licked my paws?) And I will be much pleased should you meal prep in...

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2019 Love Letters

I started writing love letters in 2010. I don’t see any reason to stop.  But I did get a late start in 2019. Stay tuned for the latest batch of love letters. Until then…