Author: Jen Busfield

Plethora of Prayers | October 06, 2019

“All things are possible…” But not all things are probable. And I’m stuck in this devolution of desire for something that just doesn’t seem in the cards. I’ve blamed You; and I’ve blamed me; and I’ve blamed the situation. But blaming doesn’t bring me through the situation. I’m in a whirlpool of revisiting all the worst parts of me, all the ways I’ve failed the last almost 3 years. Make peace with the present… …but, I don’t know how to make peace with this. Or, at least, I don’t know how to make lasting peace with this. I have...

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2019 Love Letters: One

The truth is you were the last straw. The straw that shattered me – and shattered my heart. And I was left, in the down below, flabbergasted…wondering how I was going to pick up – to find – all the pieces that were left on the ground around me. In this strange place, with these kind people…but still, people who wouldn’t expect to find the debris littering their home. I did the best I could to pick up the pieces. To clean the gore. I took what I could, what I found, and packed it away, in any space...

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Reflections – Year 38 Day 278

I told her, “When you talk with God next, ask him to give me wisdom and discernment on my next steps…” Because, the truth is – I haven’t been taking a whole lot of steps lately. It’s more like – I’ve been waiting for that patient little push from behind. That encouraging kind of …you got this, girl – that’s the direction you should head… <PUSH> …that’s what I’ve been banking on for next steps. — There’s not a whole lot of confidence on this side of things. And in case you haven’t been close enough to me to hear...

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2018 Love Letters: Twelve

No one wants to tell you how much marriage can break your heart. We say “for better, for worse,” but in that moment… when we’re so connected… so absolutely on the same page… we can never image how our partner can become a stranger. How real it is to live with heartache every day – Missing your favorite person; Your best friend; Your soul mate. Stress. Anxiety. Depression. They all play their part to place wedges to drive daggers, to keep us silent and separate. Growth. Transition. Change. They keep the sound under our feet moving. Expecting our relationship,...

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Pesto Zoodles with Chia Seeds

He had been talking to me about his prowess in the kitchen. Specifically, how amazing his zoodles were. For the record, I don’t think he called them zoodles. I’ve heard other people refer to them that way. You know what I mean. Zucchini that’s been cut into “noodle” form and then used as a pasta, instead of traditional grain-based pasta options. I’ve always been interested. Seriously. More veggies in my life that are tasty and delicious?! Yes, please! (There is no snark meant in that comment. I am seriously open to all the tasty options when it comes to...

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About Me: Jen Busfield

Mom (son with High Functioning Autism). Small Biz Owner. Author. Traveler. Blogger. Adventurer. Lover. Foodie. Geek. Picture taker. Silly dancer. Music lover. Latina.

2019 Love Letters

I started writing love letters in 2010. I don’t see any reason to stop.  But I did get a late start in 2019. Stay tuned for the latest batch of love letters. Until then…