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Giving Thanks, Part 2

When you start counting your blessings, and realize there are so, so many things to be thankful for… I was working on my list when I realized…ain’t nobody got time to read all this mess. So, I split it up. Part 1 is pretty long as it is, but I hope you’ll get through to the end and celebrate some of the small moments of light that made life shine for me this past year. This is Part 2 of my effort in honoring the good in the everyday. Because it’s easy to be thankful on Thanksgiving. More challenging...

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Giving Thanks, Part 1

Giving thanks. Appreciation. Gratitude. In the midst of the mire. First thing Monday morning. After realizing you stepped in dog poo. An effort in learning to see the good in the everyday… It’s easy to think about being thankful on Thanksgiving. Right? That’s the general theme. It’s harder almost every other day of the year… And while I’ve had some amazing experiences this year that are easy to call out with gratitude, there are also many other smaller moments that – though they can get lost in the day-to-day shuffle – have been moments of light. And strung together,...

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Thrifting Thanksgiving

The Universe listens. I know it. This time last year, I was in transit to Ireland. A friend of mine and I decided to take the leap. We planned ahead. We planned to wander. AND WE HAD THE BEST TIME EVER! One of my favorite memories (granted there are many) is how thrifting became a bigger part of our adventure than expected. I had mentioned to her ahead of time that poking through some thrift or consignment shops would be on my WANT TO DO list, since I almost always find the best – and most useful – souvenirs...

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Planning to Celebrate My Achievement

I told her this afternoon, “I feel like all the doors are opening…faster than I expected.” “That’s great!” she responded enthusiastically. “You should indeed celebrate your achievements – and this a great achievement.” — I don’t know that I’ve seen it as an achievement really… More like a process. And within the process I’ve reached a milestone… #hi5’d it – and kept on going. But, I value her point – we should celebrate our work and effort when it leads to success. And, we should keep our promises – because, if we can’t even keep our own promises to...

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Don’t Miss Out on the Dresscapades

I did try to manufacture a dresscapade for the red dress. I promise you I did… Fresh from an enthusiastic hug after a long catch-up session, I looked at him and said, “I have this red dress that I really want to take out for a date night. I know you have unbelievably sexy clothes to match. Let’s go out for a night on the town.” He was down. And man….he would have been a tasty little bit of arm candy…so handsome – but we’re both incredibly busy, driven individuals and haven’t had – or made – the time...

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