And sometimes, instead of enjoying the yummy-goodness myself, I hear of instances where others have enjoyed themselves thoroughly; and I can image having joined in the taste bud celebration.

In this instance, it was as simple as hot chocolate from IHOP topped with whipped cream.

And, who doesn’t like whipped cream?!

(Okay, I know that there are some of you out there and for whatever reason, you aren’t fans of the aerated creamy delicacy. I may not agree, but I can respect your position; and, if you aren’t going to eat it, can I have your dollop?)


“Can I please have a hot chocolate?”

The conscientious waitress, knowing that there are some people who don’t like whipped cream, asked, “Would you like whipped cream?”

“Yes, please!”

They shared a moment; a brief moment of intense eye contact. Secrets and dedication levels (to the secret society of serious whipped cream lovers) were exchanged. The waitress offered a barely perceptible nod and responded with a polite (as if nothing happened, no tryst was shared), “Yes, ma’am.”


It was clear when she returned with the order that the subtext had been clearly understood.