OMG, Woman! You’re not getting back together with him, are you?!
I mean, are you?

She said that second part a little softly. Almost reverently.
I looked at her like she was crazy.

Are you kidding me? I mean, really, are you?

I was not so soft in my reply. Anyone who knows me, should know me better than that. I’ve made no secrets about my frustration over the whole situation…the marriage, the move, the trying-again, the separation and the divorce. I kept trying because it was the right thing to do, because it’s what I wanted to do. But after a while, when I realized I was really the only one willing to work to make it work…well, there’s only so long someone can deal with that kind of existence.

(Oops, that’s a pretty huge assumption…I’ve learned there’s only so long that I am able to deal with that kind of existence.)

I’m going back to deal with my business.
I don’t have the same kind allegiances this time around.