Have you heard of Farm to Feet yet?

If you haven’t, don’t worry you will. (And I do mean other than from this blog you’re about to read.)

Today, my Boss took me on a roadtrip to Mt. Airy, NC to meet Dave Petri, Marketing Director at Farm to Feet. It’s a new sock brand that is 100% American made.

Dave Petri, Marketing at Farm to Feet

US wool, US manufacturing and US workers all come together to make this product. And Farm to Feet believes in a transparent supply chain (very much like TS Designs). As Dave said in our meeting, “You can’t be sustainable without knowing your supply chain.”

In fact, also very much the Cotton of the Carolinas t-shirt brand, Farm to Feet takes you back to the farmers, or maybe I should say ranchers, that are in charge of growing the wool…like Fred Roberts.

It’s nice to know that there are more and more companies who are making the commitment to support US farms and jobs. And it’s comforting to know that these companies are also injecting innovative thinking, new technology and online inter-connectivity into the old manufacturing model.

It gives me hope for the future of the nation’s economy.

If more of us pay attention to buying US made, we’ve got a chance of improving the lives of our neighbors (which, in turn, will improve our lives).

The consumer vote has so much power behind it. We’ve been focused on cheap, and we’re paying the price for it.

I am glad that the Made in American trend is on the rise. Hopefully, it will only continue to grow – and linger. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface, to remember what it means to have pride in an American made product.  The real cost of cheap is hitting us where it hurts, and hopefully we’ll take the lesson to heart and start paying a little extra to invest in our own futures.

It’s time to support America, its industry and its workers.

And tomorrow, I will show my support by rocking my new pair of Farm to Feet socks, because – one step at a time – I can make a positive different. Same as you.

Pink Farm to Feet Socks