Imagine: getting a tour of the Production Brewery at Natty Greene’s from The Beer Man himself.

It totally was my life yesterday afternoon.

Joe Pawelek aka The Beer Man (find him on Twitter) is the Lead Brewer for Natty Greene’s based in Greensboro, NC. He was in charge of leading the private tour that Natty’s offered TS Designs. And since I work for TS Designs and help organize and market their Local Social events…you can now connect the dots.

Joe Pawelek, The Beer Man

I think I what I enjoyed most about yesterday’s experience was knowing that the tour guide is truly passionate about what he does and that he believes in the impact his job has on the industry. Making beer is truly a craft that combines so many different elements of care and know-how.

Check out his blog. It’s been a while since he’s updated it, but there’s a great story there. Joe has traveled to all 50 states sampling America’s BEST micro-brews and is planning to publish a book of his experience.

While we wait, let’s meet up at Natty Greene’s for some brews. It’ll do us good to know that they’re being brewed by someone who really cares about making the best beer on earth!