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Jen Busfield

Jen Busfield

Writer, Content Creator

The easy explanation is…

I’m a passionate mom raising a son with Autism. He’s 11 turning 12, so we’re on the cusp of teenagerhood.

I’m engaged in my career, writing – always writing – (usually) using storytelling as a means to market amazing individuals and brands.

I’ve self-published a couple of books and plan to move forward with additional titles.

And, you know the rest…

Traveler. Blogger. Adventurer. Lover. Foodie. Picture taker. Silly dancer. Music lover. Latina.



I start my first blog, “From Within,” and start working on what it means to have a mentality of thriving.


One blog turns into a handful as I try to separate out my passions. This is the year that Love Letters began. It’s also the year I started writing about my travels.

During the summer, I start working for a small web development company that offered custom web solutions for clients as well as a SaaS for Joomla! users.


I transition out of my position at the web company to start a mini-publishing house. My plan was to self-publish, create an online community and schedule book signings.

It’s a bold move as a single mother of a son with Autism, but I know it’s the right decision.


I move in with my ex-husband and start writing vignettes as a part of the “Living with the Ex” series. We work on getting our house prepared for transition into his name only, as well as figuring out what it means to be a family on this side of divorce. I move out before the end of the year, our goal completed and our friendship intact.

Mid-year, I started offering service contracts to local small business owners who were catching onto the need for ongoing digital marketing. This is when my creative path took a pause. I delved deep into the business side of content marketing, and started offering website development (WordPress) and social media marketing agreements.


Struggling as each new school year brought its own challenges for our family. Learning and growing through several staff changes, bullying – and, of course, the ever-present communication gaps. I continue to fight towards learning new strategies to reach my son, and encourage him into the light.

Ready for professional growth, I apply to corporate social media positions. I downsize my client list (except for a couple of stubborn business owners who didn’t/wouldn’t accept my resignation), and begin a new path of business development as a Social Media Specialist for a fire safety company in July.


The kid finds his “thing” – he loves volcanoes (and geology, in general), and I vow to figure out how to travel with him more, to see as many volcanoes as we can. Our ongoing project, Eruptions Happen, is born.


Working through new challenges and growth opportunities as I help refine and manage a Brand Ambassador Program as a part of my corporate position. Learning how to manage event sponsorship, and becoming more confident in how to balance my enthusiasm in a corporate environment.

  • Dad 2.015 (Sponsor) – February 2015
  • Corporate Social Media Conference – June 2015
  • PREVCON (Sponsor) – July 201
  • Blogalicious (Sponsor) – September 2015
  • 20th At-Home Dads Convention (Sponsor) – September 2015
  • Internet Summit – November 2015


The kid graduates from elementary school and transitions to middle school. I realize early on in the new school year that he’s going to need more of my time and energy, more of my engaged support, to have a chance at success.

Event planning and activation duties increase as a part of my corporate position, as well as a focus on crafting Influencer engagements. I start conversations about flexible work options in order to be more available on the homefront.

  • Dad 2.016 (Sponsor) – February 2016
  • Mom 2.016 (Sponsor) – April 2016
  • Type A Parent: NYC Mastermind Bootcamp – July 2016
  • Affiliate Summit East – August 2016
  • 21st At-Home Dads Convention (Sponsor) – October 2016
  • MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum 2016 – October 2016
  • Type A Parent: East Conference – October 2016
  • Blogalicious – November 2016


I transition out of my corporate position, start a new company focused on content strategy and development, and start building my client list as Plethora Content.

I return to my blog with renewed vigor and start telling the stories that have been piling up, knocking about in my head.

I am more available and focused on my son’s needs, and helping him achieve success. We fight the good fight towards the light every day.

Looking forward to staying connected to business leaders and Influencers, as I claim my space in both realms.

  • Dad 2.017 – February 2017
  • COMING UP: Type A Parent WEST – April 2017
  • COMING UP: Blogalicious – October 2017

Looking Ahead: 2018

Success. Prosperity. Strong connections to family, friends – my network. Adventures with the kid, because basically, I just want to travel the world with him, one volcano to the next.

And lots and lots of storytelling.

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