We slept late.

That’s where the opportunity for us to visit Grandview Restaurant, a small roadside diner-type establishment, first opened. Had we left the apartment on time, we would have stuffed our faces for breakfast at a different place. I had it all planned out.

But then there were mice. Or men. You know what I mean.

By the time we actually got to Boone, I accepted the fact that the window to get a family-style breakfast was past, and other options needed to be decided upon.

Plan B was perfect, except for the 40min wait. I didn’t want so much dead space on the front side of the day, especially not with the antsy – very excited – 10 year old on my hands.

Plan C was a great idea, except for the fact that I couldn’t find it. We went around the block 3 times, and even explored the neighborhood behind the main road. Google maps is seldom wrong, but it just happened to be one of those times. (Side note: We did end up passing it later, but at that point…we were just too frustrated.)

So, we moved on with Plan D: head south to our main detestation, and surely, on the way there, we would find some place to eat. It was a good plan, and met with much success!

We had a few choices along the way, but settled on something local and affordable. As I quickly researched options from the passenger seat, it appeared that Grandview Restaurant in Banner Elk would fit the bill. If you find yourself in the high country of North Carolina and/or if you’re heading to Grandfather Mountain or Linville Falls or Caverns, you’re likely to pass it.

And, believe you me, it doesn’t look like much – when the Google description said “rustic setting,” it was telling the truth – so keep your eyes open for the sign, or else you’ll pass it.

What came to my mind first was “country diner.” A close second was, “are we going to find a spot?” It was hopping. People were eating. Tables were full. The air smelled of yummy things like bacon and roast. And the staff was movin’ fast to keep customers happy.

We got a little spot close to the back near the restrooms. Service was prompt. The menu was comprehensive – all sorts of yummy-goodness to choose from. I got the Breakfast Special (3 pancakes, an egg and 2 slices of bacon | Side note: it was less that $5). The kid was over the moon with a Bacon Grilled Cheese and side of French Fries. The Handsome One opted for various breakfast fare.

It was exactly what we needed to fuel up for an afternoon of snow tubing. And I won’t lie, I was tempted to spend some extra money on their home baked goods at the counter. If you stop by, take a look (and drool). Peruse their handmade cards too. Enjoy the chuckles. I did.

While waiting for The Handsome One to settle the bill, I noticed their community board – and felt even better that we stopped by to give the Grandview Restaurant our business. Support local, indeed.