Thankfully, the book store was just down from the consignment shop where I just celebrated an awesome win.

I was feeling happy, looking stylish and thinking positively about finding the books I needed for the kid.

Not sponsored.

Just a write up on the adventures of a momma huntin’ down some used books for the kid, and the discovery that unfolds.

I knew I didn’t have a lot of time, the shop was scheduled to close at 6pm, so I was putting my game face on as I approached the door and running through the titles I needed in my head…

Unfortunate Events…
How to Train Your Dragon…
Al Capone…

It took me walking through the door to realize…I might not find any of the titles I was looking for, but I knew instantly, I would be okay with that.

I should have paid closer attention to the whole name – McAllister & Solomon Used & Rare Books

It had old book smell.

Like, old, old book smell.

There was a gentleman behind the counter.

“This is my first time here. Could you point me in the direction of Children’s books?”

My instinct was right.

The Children’s section wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t terrible. There were a lot of older titles on the shelf. Lots of stories I recognized, just didn’t happen to be on the market for this time around.

After checking and double checking for the books on my list, I decided to take a few more minutes to walk around.

I read through the spines of the poetry section and meandered through the Fiction titles.

It was the kind of space you could get lost in – a happy kind of lost.

Add to that, the intoxicating smell, perfect breeze from the ceiling fans and cushie chairs, I could definitely see myself getting “lost” from open to close – my bum in a seat and my nose in a book.

Can you walk through a bookstore without touching anything?

Especially when you know you aren’t going to buy it, can you keep your hands to yourself?

I can’t.

Seriously. I love putting my hands on a good book.

Something I will always remember about visiting this spot was that I had my hands on a book published in 1908, a little thing with a hard cover and handwritten notes. I ran my hand gently across the cover and thought about the story this book could tell, the other hands – and lives – of the people it had come across.

While I didn’t get to check off getting the books I needed for the kid’s Summer Training Program, I did feel a really deep sense of satisfaction having visited this space and I’m glad I spent some time in this shop.