Note: This post is intended for mature readers regardless of age.

“You,” she said breathlessly with a little bit of a shiver, “get a Gold Star. No one has ever done this with me before.”

“Really?” He asked with a touch of surprise in his voice.

She couldn’t see his face – it was dark outside, after all. And she really needed to see it to know for sure whether he was in earnest or just kidding.

“Really,” she answered firmly. She may be that kind of girl with him, but that didn’t mean he could assume that she was that way with everyone. He was special to her; incredibly so. Didn’t the idiot understand that?!

“Huh. Cool. You cold?”

He reached over and grabbed her in a possessively-affectionate way, settling her body close to his, almost on top of his. He threw the extra blanket around them, making sure she was as covered as possible.

She noticed; and her heart, trying to be guarded, melted on the spot. She gave in and snuggled-in close to him. Sharing body heat was going to be very important for the next few minutes.

They shared a contented sigh as they looked up at the dazzling starry night.