It’s a small story. One that I won’t take too long to tell.

(Oh, my. I heard that sigh of relief. Am I really that long winded?)

I pulled up into the driveway this evening, mind filled with tasks to get ready for the yard sale I have scheduled way too early in the morning. And as I pulled up, I noticed a blot on my white garage door. At first I thought it was a leaf – we did have some righteous storms this afternoon and evening.

But the closer I got to the garage, the more I noticed its shape. A frog.
A sign of good luck – as far as I’m concerned. Of vitality…of peace…

Of course, this could be because of Peace Frogs.
I also had a frog volleyball tee in high school when I was playing on the varsity team.

Whatever the reason, frogs give me a good feeling.
Hope mixed with determination and a bit of the organic spice that flavors life.

(You can call me weirdo – that’s okay. I get it a lot.)

I kept the lights on and got out of my car to take a closer look – and to snap a pic. He had his head angled just so, as if he were posing for the shot.

“Hey, buddy. That was a good shot. But I am going to come closer for another one. Stay put. I’d rather you not jump off while I am trying to get closer.”

He didn’t move. And I got a great shot.

“Thanks, man. That one was even better.”

Then I realized we had a problem.

“Hey, man. I’m gonna need you to move. I’ve got to get in and start getting the signs ready for tomorrow’s sale. I’d rather not have to lift the door with you still attached. Um, I’m pretty sure that you don’t want me to either. So, if you could go ahead and make plans to be somewhere else, I’d appreciate that.”

He lifted his head and turned it just a bit.

I’m not sure if it was an action of rebellion: “Who are you to tell me what to do, woman?!”

It might have been an action of acquiescence: “Of course. I understand and will act while you’re away.”

Either way, I didn’t push the issue.

I left him to deal with things inside the house. I’ll be back out soon enough and will deal with the situation then.

I really hope he hops away.