I’m sitting here wondering what I just got myself into…FB Live videos for 45 days straight?! Ugh. I feel like I’m 9 agian – sitting at the table listening to my mom saying I can’t get up until I take a bite of the eggplant parm she slaved over.

More often than not, my clients (individuals and business groups) are camera shy – and I have to work with them to get over the hump in order to get the content I need to feature them online.

“Practice. Practice. Practice! Do it so often, you don’t even think about it as something to get nervous over.”

These are usually the words that I use to encourage someone still struggling over their self-image in front of the camera.

I remember the day I realized photo shoots didn’t stress me out anymore.

Stand here. Look this way. Smile like you mean it. Done.

I remember it being almost mechanical.

Pre-recorded videos…I am not completely there, but working at it.

Live video, tho?! I’m still a bundle of nerves. EVERY. TIME. And even when I really want to do a FB Live, I find ways to “run out of time,” or push it off until tomorrow, convince myself it isn’t that important…

Well, no more. I am publicly announcing my 45 Days of FB Live campaign.

That’s Right – 45 Days of FB Live

Completely a personal endeavor to practice what I preach…in 45 days, I want to be more confident and crafted in front of a live feed because I’ve put in the work to practice – and I’ve used all of you to hold me accountable.

I know what I’ll be talking about tomorrow, but the day after? Or the day after that? Will it be interesting? Will it be funny? Will it be sad? I don’t really know.

It’s practice, so…um, in some cases, I’m sure it’ll be brutal.

Hooray for self development!

Thanks for being here with me!

See you tomorrow: http://facebook.com/jabsplethora