Week 40/52 - Affirmation: I am my most mighty when I surrender to the creative process.

♬ Feeling Good - Nina Simone

Week 40 of 52

I was reminded to “be mighty.”Yea. I hear you. Trying. And the theme of creation is still strong in the air. It keeps revisiting me throughout my days.

And I was trying to figure out how they worked together: the idea of strength and vulnerability, ying and yang, masculine and feminine … complimenting each other … in the kind of way that expresses the magic they can only posses together when in harmony.

Had to ask a friend for help on this one. The word “surrender” wasn’t coming to mind. Submit did, but I didn’t like how harsh that one felt; and in this case, allow was too soft. I like the personal responsibility and accountability that the word “surrender” offers to this week’s affirmation. 

🥰 Thanks, friend!

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