No one wants to tell you how much marriage can break your heart.

We say “for better, for worse,” but in that moment…
when we’re so connected…
so absolutely on the same page…
we can never image how our partner can become a stranger.

How real it is to live with heartache every day –
Missing your favorite person;
Your best friend;
Your soul mate.

Stress. Anxiety. Depression.
They all play their part to place wedges to drive daggers, to keep us silent and separate.

Growth. Transition. Change.
They keep the sound under our feet moving. Expecting our relationship, our connection to always be the same breeds inflexibility, stagnation, death. We’re always shifting – and if we deny that, we deny the truth that our lives were made to flourish and prosper.

You each have the responsibility to see and be seen.

It’s a daily choice – to try.
To foster the connection.
To nurture truth.
To welcome vulnerability.
To build peace.
To extend grace –
and more grace…
and still more grace.
To seek each other out.
To love with action.

Who am I to say these things?

I’m the Guardian of countless love (and loveless) stories and I honor their lessons, and I share what I can, what I’ve learned.

And while my effort may not be perfect, I ask that light+love and grace will convey truth on my behalf without betraying any secrets.

As my close-ones, I wish all the best life has to offer, all the joy, all the togetherness…in all things.