In characters of living light, 
Of kindly deeds and actions wrought. 
And these, beyond the touch of time, 
Shall live immortal as my thought.*

Somehow, you’ve pegged me well.

And I am on this side of it wondering, did we talk that much before?

I don’t really remember offering that much of a view to my insides…

But, I do know you to be…brilliant.

So smart.

You know things.

And maybe, I should just trust the fact that you know me too.

You take pictures of things that make you happy.

Yes. Exactly.

Why couldn’t I find those words?

As things are; how they are; when they are…

I want to remember.

Just like, I want to remember you…

And I do.

All the times you made me smile…
All the times, I felt like someone was on my side…
All the times, you shared your experience with me…
All the times I felt like there was never enough time…

Your kind deeds live in my heart.

And, somehow, without having – what I think – is enough time, there’s been enough time for memories to last.

You’ve been an important player, without having played much.

You matter.

And when I ask you, “How’s your heart,” I care more than I can explain.

But, I think you know.


*from Carving a Name by Horatio Alger Jr.