There are some people who – by their service – make a huge impact.

You, my dear, are one of those people.

The way you love.
The way you serve.

The way you remain consistent, never failing, always giving — it’s an act of creation, it’s passion, it’s…


You inspire (you create) awe within me.

I feel like sometimes, you just see the trees – the individuals in your path that need love and care – and your focus is tight on that moment-by-moment act of service.

I need you to know that there’s a whole forest – the individuals who see your commitment, who are witness to your love – who are in the path of your light-ripples, who have the opportunity to absorb the courage you present.

You present (offer) courage.

It is your gift…

…one that I am thankful – oh, so thankful – to be challenged by!