Today, I thought of us all piled up on the couch.

Like a pride of lions draped lazily over each other, not really sure where one body starts and another ends.

One big, happy – snuggly – family.

I’ll grant you, it’s not a lot to go on –

This little peak into our future;

But it warmed my heart, nonetheless;

And made me smile.

It means that there’s more than just you and me; that there’s an “all of us.”

I am going to assume, knowing how you and I are, there will be a mix of human and animal in that snuggly mess of a pile. But, I’ll take it. It will be soft and fuzzy.

It means we’ll be together…

Like really together, all up in each other’s space together. And maybe, it’ll only last for like 5 minutes before a young one inevitably whispers, “I have to go to the bathroom.”

But 5 minutes can be an eternity of bliss, when you’re surrounded by those who matter to you most; it can offer a lot in the way of courage to face the daily battles of self-development, an immeasurable weight of reason to keep fighting the good fight.

It means that we’ll be fostering an environment where being together and taking time to chill is important.

Family management is a brutal beast of comings-and-goings and non-stop next things, and I like the idea that there will be times of nothing, of stillness, of listening to each other breathe, our heartbeats…

Until the dog farts, and we erupt with giggles…and a few groans for good measure.

It means our story has a future.

And I love that.