If you asked me questions instead of asking for pictures, I’d probably be more attentive.

Do your homework, man.

There are plenty of pictures available online. Just Google me. Download them. And done.


Now, can we get on to the more interesting part of getting to know each other…

Ask me questions.

Start a meaty conversation, instead of just initiating a salutation (over and over again) and expecting me to fill in the gaps.

Initiate something with substance.

I am sure that you are an interesting, complex, multi-faceted individual with rich stories and tons of experiences – so many stories to share – but I don’t know it, because you aren’t sharing any of that with me.

And stop calling me beautiful.

I don’t mind that you’re complimenting my looks, but I promise you, my mind is more compelling – and definitely more likely to improve with age…

I mean. I am almost 40. It’s only downhill from here as far as my body is concerned.


That was a joke, man.
Seriously. Lighten up.

Oh, wait. That’s right…you don’t know me well enough to judge my sense of humor.

Being closer really wouldn’t make a difference. I’m a busy lady. I barely get to see the people I care about most in this world. Time is always an issue. And I’m pickier than I’ve ever been about…new friends. 

(You can thank your predecessors for that).

And it’s not like I haven’t been honest with you…

I’m wrapped up and barely on the market anyway.
You know…life, love, hopes, dreams, writing goals, adventure —

So, you’re already fighting an uphill battle. Because out of the gate, I am only mildly interested.

And it’s not you, but…maybe it is…
I don’t know you well enough really to know for sure.

Here’s a tip to help you out:

Seduce my mind, and you’ll be well on your way to winning.
Gain my trust, and the battle is almost over.

Looky there. Two tips.
I must like you.

I appreciate what you’re trying to do, and I, too, think of you with (a kind) of fondness, but I’m not sure that we have enough to go on, and it seems clear that we’re not getting anywhere with the current state of communication (or lack thereof).