There are so many things I want to tell you.

There’s a backlog of stories, thoughts, antidotes – questions – that I want to send your way. I feel like a pen-pal that’s behind on sending letters.

I have a treasure-trove of thanks to share with you for being you…the kind of person who pursues creation.

You inspire me. So often.
And I don’t take the time, the second, that I should to send acknowledgement your way.

Sure. We don’t always get it right.
But we keep trying, right?

Life. Living. Learning.

Somehow, in one simple sentence, you’ve summed up everything I want to say to you: “I’m really glad I know you.”


My world rocks just a little bit from…

the kindness of it…
the power of it…
the generosity of it…
the evaluation of it…

And, of course, the unfairness of it that you said that words first.

I didn’t; I couldn’t; I was struggling to convey, to share, to communicate…

How in the world is communication a struggle for me?!
Let me just ask you that –

I appreciate you more than I can say…
(…and I know that I should try to say it more often.)

I am so thankful that our paths crossed and that you’re among the stars that shine light and inspiration on my path.

That’s how I see you, if I haven’t said it before, a star full of history, experience, wisdom – full of light – and full of presence, making “the now” count, taking charge of each moment to give light.

I know it’s not easy: it’s a constant conversion, a state of releasing energy…

It’s action.

You are action.