It’s been a while, a good long while, but I’d like to resume my sisterly role in your life and punch you in the nose. Only hard enough that it leaves a black eye.

You’ve forgotten your place.
You’re not seeing things clearly.

And I think, if you had a black eye to look at when you see yourself in the mirror, you’d remember who you are and what you’ve worked for – what’s at stake.

I feel like it would help you remember the difference between long and short term consequences.

Your eye – would heal.
Hearts – take longer; sometimes, never do.

With your actions, your choices, you’re turning the hearts of those around you – those who love you – black and blue with pain and sorrow.

Nicely done, bruh. That’s a pretty big mess you’re leaving behind…and for what?

Can you please explain to me why – WHY – you’re digging your hole deeper? What could possibly be worth the value you’re tossing aside? Seriously. WTF, man?

I speak as one of the wounded hearts you’ve left behind. Your damage is harsh, and some wounds never heal. Don’t be surprised when you wake up from this lapse and realize you had other choices.

I get it – life is stuffy. The weight of responsibility is crushing. Choosing others over self over and over again can leave you soul-weary. But there are other avenues…

For example, I could have just given you the black eye, talked some sense into you, helped support your heart in it’s struggle for space to move and air to breathe, but…

My heart is one of those left behind in your wake.