I don’t really have the capacity for flirting. So, if you, like others, think I have some kind of ability to “sweet talk” my way into someone’s heart, you, like others, are unfortunately mistaken.

It is unfortunate.

If I had the gift of sweet talk, I would be able to say the following in a such a way that you’d believe me, that you’d fall for me, that we’d finally get to the next chapter:

Your eyes captivate me.

I am always eager to see you, in part, so I can see what shade they’re displaying at that given time.

How bright they are…
How deep they are…

Oh, how they shine.

But I only steal glances, because I’m afraid.

If you happened to catch me and mine, you might notice how bright they hope and how deep they long, and how they shine with all the stories I’d like to write with you.