Make. Peace.

Whether or not I’m happy with your action, my heart whispers…make peace.

The Universe, in support of this whole idea, continues to feed me ideas. My own internal Pinterest: DIY projects on bridging the gap between us, recipes on how to bring things back together with sweetness.

Make: form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; construct; create

Peace: freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility

My challenge is to create tranquility after the disturbance you introduced to our balance.

My words to a friend on are replay in my mind:

Yea, I think we know when we’re supposed to act, get involved, try to make things better. We hear the whispers of the Universe guiding us – and yet, it’s easier (not better) to hide.

It makes me wonder…

If those of us who heard the call to act actually took action, how would our lives, our society, be different?

I love our kind of quiet, our tranquility. Your easy smile; my eager giggle.

But you were thoughtless, selfish – wanton. And now, I wonder at you. I don’t think of our shared space; I think of lines and walls, grimaces. How we practice the art of avoidance.

Each opportunity to connect lost as another brick is laid.
Held together tightly with the mortar of silence.

It’ll be a formidable barrier when it’s done.
Thick and dark, impenetrable.

Covered in the rotting vegetation that was once our growing love story.

No more.

I have it within me to make peace.
To create tranquility.

Even, if it’s just a start…because quiet and tranquility don’t automatically reinstate trust.