I’m addicted to the growth I see in your eyes.

The shine of dogged determination to improve.

The warmth of love…

At once, they’re young, shining as you share some secret delight with me; and just as quickly, they’re old, showing the wisdom earned with pain and sorrow.

I want to swim in their color.
Just be submersed by their hope of tomorrow.

I count every freckle on your neck, on your face – and wonder…how many haven’t I gotten the chance to see…yet.

Spots of milk and dark chocolate I want to lick up, over and over again.

Each taste getting me closer to your gooey center.

In my mind, I rub over your knuckles with my thumb…

Lost in how they’ve born the bitterness of change, of rage, of betrayal.

I wish I could rub them smooth, but then, I would love them less, because they wouldn’t belong to you.

You are my star.

And with your arms around me, I shine brighter.

Knowing it won’t last, knowing that any moment, the light will fade, but holding on as long as I dare – and a hair of a moment longer still…

I drink your light and glow with anticipation.

I want to rub my bottom lip against yours – just to know how our ridges will play against each other, with each other – and listen to you breathe…

And let your exhale wash me in a feeling of belonging.