I didn’t forget you.

How could I when your smile stands out in a sea of selfies, so handsome and warm?

Your smile is so familiar, yet each one tells me something a little bit different, shows me that you’re hiding something new.

I try not to focus on how uneasy that makes me feel inside. It doesn’t matter, right? I’m so far removed your secrets can’t touch me.


I try to leave behind the uneasy feeling by thinking about your warmth instead…

The familiarity of your embrace and how we laugh together.

The sureness of your walk and how I’m calmed by your confidence.

The softness of your sun-kissed skin and how touching it feels like home.

I remember the way you played the strings and sang the songs, and how – just for a minute – my heart believed.

But I know better now. Doubt seldom leaves room for trust.