My heart hurts for you.
It hopes for so much more.
I want you to be happy.
Healthy – making good decisions.
Embracing all the good in front of you –
Within you.

I feel you under my skin.
Next to my heart.
I’m nervous, because I feel the darkness growing,
Blowing out, billowing, swirling around –
Claiming ground.

I’m captured by your smile.
The light in your eyes – the question.
Hope. Anticipation – of what’s to come,
The possible best.

Guard your heart, my dear.
To obtain the best, we must fight the worst.
The battle is NOT for the faint of heart.

I want you. Whole and winning.

I can feel the darkness with you.
But I can’t fight the darkness for you.
I can send you light and love, but alone they are not enough.
You must fight, reclaim, advance – shine your own light.