I imagine you to be a very kind person, someone who’s great to be around. I believe that you have a kind soul, and I think to myself that you must be a genuine friend to those in your life.

In this beautiful world, where people’s paths touch, cross and merge all the time over amazing things, I am so sad that our paths have had to meet over something like this.

Over someone like this.

I’ve shed tears thinking about how much better our connection could have been. But instead, together we share shock and pain, and betrayal.

What a waste, I think. On the same team, and yet our efforts are focused on digging ourselves out of the mire of deceit.

You are a decent human being, and I will always think of you in that way. You are a bearer of light, a teller of truths. I told you then, and I still think it’s true: it takes a lot of courage to do what you did.

And I will always be thankful.

I wish I could have met you under different circumstances. I wish our story of connection was the happy, pleasant kind of story you like to share with others – instead, we will always play the role of “the other.” Such a sad reality.

I wish you well: happier connections and better stories as your future unfolds.

Thank you for your honesty.