You know those “moments” that happen to us, those tiny, minor things that don’t seem – at the time – to be very profound, because we’re moving at our own speed of light and focused on other things?

But later, because of those “moments,” our lives are brighter and fuller?
And we can’t even image those “moments” not having been a part of our life?

That’s how I feel about having had the opportunity to “meet” you.

I don’t even remember exactly how we bumped into each other. A writing community, or connection, I’m sure. I feel so far removed from the past and how it unfolded for me in regards to writing, when things were hot and I was producing steadily for the love and appreciation movement. My pursuit of things business have pulled my time and energy into different spheres, and I will admit – as I am sure you know – I left the world of my passion and forgot – to a point – all the things that made it so beautiful.

But you have been steady and focused, and shining your light so that I can see it – a beacon, an encouragement to my heart. I’ve been inspired by your growth and achievement, wishing it for myself, but understanding the cost and the choices required. And so, I’ve been content to delight in your prosperity, celebrating with you in all the happiness that has flooded your life.

Seeds sown, come to fruition and harvest.

I honor the time we’ve shared, and anticipate the years to come!