It’s in the quiet crackling as the fire consumes the wood. It’s in the smell of the smoke and the way it makes our drinks taste. It’s in the star shine that peaks from under the clouds and sparkles through the branches of the trees around us.

The solidarity of minds and hearts of those who share the space around the fire, the gentle nurturing as this family of friends comes together.

I am thankful to be in the midst, to be a part. Grateful for the time spent, the stories created and shared over (and over) again. I recognize that time and space will do – what they always do – but for now, we’re in a golden moment. To be cherished.

And as we grow, as time and space work their change, as life brings developments – both easy and challenging – I know in my heart that the love born fireside will carry us through the darkness back into the dancing embers of light that glows bright.