two-against-one eggs

Happy Father’s Day!

I am the kind of person who wants to make the best of a lousy situation. I am the kind of woman who wants to show appreciation to a man for doing nice things. I am the kind of mom who wants to teach her son that celebrating Father’s Day is important.

And even though it kind of feels like two-against-one in this house more often that not (the kid sides with me), I do my darnedest to live beyond the constraints of normal behavior and reach for the transcendental.

Whew. It wears me out just writing it.

We celebrated Father’s Day within an inch of our lives. Because it was the nice thing to do; because I do appreciate the fact that the kid’s father doesn’t make my life a living hell; because I want my kid to understand that honoring his Dad is the right thing to do.

On Saturday night – while the ex was out on a date – we made the his favorite kind of cake: yellow box cake with chocolate icing from a tub.

Now, while we (the ex and I) were together, I often teased him for this reality. I am a pretty good cook and my skills extend into the baking arena. I could make him such delicacies that would make you drool, and even though he certainly appreciates all my efforts in the kitchen, he opts for the box cake as his favorite every single time.

Well, you can’t blame a man for what he decides is his favorite cake.

I asked the little man to make a card. It took a little coaxing; and, in fact, I had to hand him the paper and stress that it was a nice thing to do. But with a 7 year old (at least my 7 year old), all you need is the right incentive…

“Which Angry Bird would you like to draw for Daddy,” I asked.

And that was the end of the fuss. The kid has been working on design tweaks to the new Angry Birds Space line up and I knew that he would be pleased to get in some more practice.

And so, I taped the card onto one of the cupboard doors…just above the freshly iced cake. And I high-fived the kid, because taking the time to do something nice is (often) the right thing to do.


The ex was thankful, at least I think so.

He didn’t really come out and say it, which is a little frustrating – but I felt good about the decision to live my life in a way that makes me proud. And he did eat two slices of cake – one after dinner and one later in the evening…so that’s probably a good sign.